Morphine Drop

Justin Time had all the time in the world to let this puppy stew.  (Mmmmm... puppy stew).  Being on morphine, a constipating agent, for several days prior to this large lay, Mr. Time had built up quite the blockage.   When enough was enough, and having been restrained from his porcelain throne for way too long, he succumbed to the stool softener, an effective dynamite to his intestinal dam.  When the flood gates opened, he made it to the toilet just in time... We may have to call the committee to determine if this use of performance enhancing drugs was legit.  The phantom pooper, for one, says it is.

One of the Phantom Pooper's father's favorite riddles:

Why are your turds tapered at the ends?
So your asshole won't slam shut.


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