Why are poops tapered at the ends?

Why are poops tapered at the ends?
So your asshole doesn't slam shut.

My dad once told me that joke, and I laughed for a few solid minutes.  But never did I more drastic necessity for a tapered deuce than in the photo submitted by Shitty Fitti.  Shitty's crap looks like it's fist-size in the middle.  Can you imagine the reverberations of his asshole if that poop was not, in fact, tapered?  I sure can't.  And don't wish to ever picture that in my head again.

Shitty saw me out in a bar and came running up to me like a kid and his first Aced test, so very proud of his little (errr... large) creation.  Shitty, nice job... a valid first contribution to prizedpoops.com.  Keep on deucing.

Phantom Pooper


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