Decapitated Dump

Mr. GrabAsstino must have prematurely pinched, for the head of this hearty helping of hell's candy lays lifeless to its left.  It's a sad state of affairs when a dump ends before it's complete.  But that's how the anus operates.  Who knows happened?  Mr. GrabAsstino may have been surprised by a knock on the door, or needed a break from the purposeful pushing, or was simply tricked into thinking the turd tickled its last tuft of tush-hair.  Alas, Henry the VIII would be proud.

The Phantom Pooper thanks Mr. GrabAsstino for sending in his rather large log, but wishes to one day see a completely intact bowlfiller.

Phantom Pooper

Here I sit, in smelly vapor,
Cause someone stole the toilet paper. 
How much longer shall I linger 
Till I'm forced to use my finger?


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