Fwd: Let's Go Phillies!

Deucing Dougie is an avid Phillies fan.  He eats red.  He dreams red.  He bleeds red.  Hell, he even poops red.  (Men, if this ever happens in the literal sense, for the love of god go see a gastroenterologist.)

Take a look at this gem: a replica 1980s Phillies "P" logo!  In honor of the Phillies losing 4 games to the lowly Astros, Dougie emphatically dropped this swirly into the toilet, symbolizing his frustrations and summarizing his feelings toward his team this past weekend.  The silent porcelain protest of their potentially slippery demise must have worked as the Phillies stopped the bleeding and won a damn game: we can only hope this season doesn't get flushed down the proverbial toilet like Dougie's jaw-dropper did (god forbid we collapse like the Mets).

Thanks Dougie!  Go Phils!
Phantom Pooper

Here I sit, Broken-hearted.
Came to shit, But only farted.


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