Riddle me this...?

Riddle me this, squat-poppers.  What's long and brown and could punctuate the end of this sentence?  If your guess was Deucing Dougie's question-mark shaped turd, you would be correct!  Take a look at this naturally-occurring beauty.  Complete with the emphatic dot beneath the curvy interrogation point, we find this a true toilet treat.  We can only imagine Duecing Dougie's joyful reaction as he examined his masterfece for the first time!

Thanks Dougie.

pupu for now, Phantom Pooper

Have an interesting turd of your own?  Send your work of art to the Phantom Pooper for immediate consideration!

Some come here to sit and think,
some come here to shit and stink,
but I come here to scratch my balls,
and read the nonsense on the walls.


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